#BLACKSTORIESMATTER – Diversify your bookshelf with indie books by Black authors.

In a world full of diversity I can alway count on authors to provide me a new book to read. Check some of these books out.

K. R. S. McEntire is Write

In a time full of racial injustice, one small way to promote equity is by supporting the creative efforts of people of color. The publishing industry lacks diversity, and writers of color often have a harder time getting their work seen. Representation matters, Black lives matter, and Black stories matter.

I was inspired to write this post after taking part in a Facebook thread where authors of color were asked to share their work. This is a resources for people who are looking to explore the work of Black, indie authors.

Scroll down to diversify your bookshelf with indie books by Black authors.

Take a look at these additional resources:

Author submitted Storyorigin promo of POC and LGBTQ+ books (June 2020).

Black Speculative Fiction Authors Directory

How to Write Black Characters: An Incomplete Guide

Post-Apocalyptic / Dystopian

Skin Trials

Seren is one of the most powerful young women on Earth.

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